Mosquito Control

Anyone who has hosted a party in Florida knows how much of a nuisance mosquitos can be. In addition to causing itchy bumps, or having to spray stinky bug spray mosquitos can be the cause of some very serious sicknesses such as dengue fever, zika, and west nile.

How Does It Work?


First, our pest control experts conduct a thorough inspection of your home. It starts with common entry points such as cracks and gaps around and inside your home.

Post Inspection

After the inspection we will discuss with you our recommendations as well as treatment options. This thorough evaluation allows you to make an informed decision utilizing all available options.


When you’re ready for treatment, we will exterminate the pests regardless of your home’s construction type, material, or age. The type and duration of the treatment depends on your unique conditions identified during the evaluation.


We offer an affordable protection plan that covers your home and immediate surroundings. Treatment covers both interior and exterior areas of your home which focuses on the entry points.

How to protect yourself?

Drain any standing water near your home

Redirect moisture away from foundation

Remove ponds, buckets, planters and limit bromeliads when possible to reduce standing water which can be home to mosquito larvae

Removing leaves from the ground also aides in reducing mosquito population

Using repellents, both in the yard and on oneself can help reduce exposure to mosquito-borne diseases

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