Exterior Care

Our tropical climate allows everything to grow, the good and the bad. Along with the beautiful flowers and green grass, unfortunately weeds, bacteria and fungus have ideal conditions to grow very well. Your Florida yard is constantly under attack and at risk to be overrun by unsightly conditions if gone untreated.

How Does It Work?


First, our pest control experts conduct a thorough inspection of your home. It starts with common entry points such as cracks and gaps around and inside your home.

Post Inspection

After the inspection we will discuss with you our recommendations as well as treatment options. This thorough evaluation allows you to make an informed decision utilizing all available options. 


One size does not fit all. Unlike other companies, JKA does not cut corners as we believe when products are measured properly, the number of call backs for retreatments are limited resulting in customer satisfaction and a healthier property.


We offer affordable maintenance year round plans specially tailored for all areas of your property.

What We Do

  • Yard Care

  • Ornamental Care

  • Palm Care

  • Rodent Bait Stations

  • and so much more

How We Do It

  • Proper Maintenance

  • Soil Conditioning

  • Disease & Pest Control

  • Plant specific fertilization

Frequently Asked Questions

It rained! Now the spray is gone!

Rain does not make the product disappear, the rain actually aides the product by washing it into the soil, getting it where it needs to be. However, if you have a persistent problem and fear the weather was a contributing factor we have no problem coming back out. Just give us a call and we will schedule a technician to come back.

Why are there brown spots in my yard?

There are actually many reasons behind brown areas in your yard. JKA professionals can perform an inspection to identify any existing areas of concern. Some of the common reasons behind brown areas include insufficient watering, insects, disease, pet urine, etc. How can I tell if I have chinch bugs?

During your on-site inspection, JKA Professionals can see if you have chinch bugs damaging your lawn. Chinch bugs can be seen in the thatch layer of grass. Adults are 1/5 inch long and are black in color with white wings. Nymphs are bright red with a white band. As always, inspections are free and come with no obligation.

What is thatch?

Thatch is the layer between dead and living shoots, stems, and roots that develop between the green vegetation and the soil surface. As always, a JKA Professional can show you if there is an issue in your thatch layer during an inspection and during normal lawn analysis. JKA is always looking at the condition and overall health of your lawn, palms and ornamentals. It’s what we do!

I planted flowering shrubs but there are no flowers?

Lack of flowers on shrubs can be caused by many factors, the most common reasons are often excessive watering, nutrient deficiencies, insects, improper sunlight or placement, and even time of year as not all flowers bloom year long. 

What is the black stuff on the leaves of my plants?

There are many reasons for this substance to form on the leaves of your plants. The most common causes are fungus (sooty mold) that is caused by pierce sucking insects that excrete waste on leaf surfaces called honeydew. Honeydew is the food for sooty mold. It can however be fixed! Easy treatment will return your plants and flowers back to their natural color.

Why should I consider being on a schedule? I don’t always see bugs?

South Florida offers a vast variety of insects, plant ailments, and lots and lots of moisture. These factors keep Pest Control companies like JKA very busy. Regular maintenance keeps JKA Professionals looking at every part of your lawn and plants on a regular basis. By having regular service, you’re ensured that JKA Professionals can to treat any areas of concern before they become a problem. You wouldn’t forego going to the dentist just because you think your teeth are healthy right?

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