Pets Are Family Too

Every member of the JKA Family has at least one pet, we all understand just how important Fido and Kitty are to you. Our services are pet –friendly! Current products are applied at a low concentration level to make them effective enough to control insects without posing any risk to your furry family member. In fact, our products contain the same active ingredients in flea and tick preventatives as well as products used by vegetable farmers! JKA’s pet-friendly pest control program is designed to control any existing pest issues as well as preventing future issues. Prevention is key to ensuring all members of your family are healthy.

What preventative measures should we do before treating our home?

Make sure to inform your JKA Professional as to what products (if any) you have used. Unfortunately there are many products that are available over the counter that are actually unsafe for your pet! Consult with your veterinarian before applying any products directly to your animal. Vacuuming frequently can help control flea infestation by removing eggs, larvae and adults. Vacuuming doesn’t just stop with your floors! Be sure to vacuum your upholstered furniture and baseboards as well. If an infestation is detected, be sure to frequently wash pet bedding, or replace beds too large to wash. Comb and groom pets frequently (while following product guidelines) especially along pets backs, neck and arm pits where fleas like to congregate.

Common pet related pests

Fleas, did you know fleas don’t have wings? They are however stellar jumpers! Fleas can jump very quickly and can achieve impressive distances. Fleas feed on the blood of your pets, some signs your pet may have fleas includes excessive itching and biting or rolling to scratch themselves. Adult flea feces look like black pepper and are frequently seen close to the skin and even on pet bedding (check YOUR bed too) Fleas come from a variety of places, dog parks, neighborhood cats, squirrels that pounce through your yard and even when walking through the neighborhood near an unprotected lawn or swale can introduce fleas to your pet!

Ticks, members of the arachnid family come in two groups. Hard and soft bodied ticks, each have four pairs of legs and no antennae. Ticks range in size from 1/8 to 5/8 of an inch in size. Ticks commonly live in areas with high levels of humidity (perfect environment in South Florida). Ticks though often in smaller numbers, are easier to spot as they’re larger in size. A “well fed” tick will become large as its engorged on the blood of its host (you or your pet!) In addition to causing an infestation, ticks carry many diseases including Canine Tick Paralysis and Lyme disease. Ticks are often picked up from walking in woods, along nature trails and in tall grass.

Prevention both in conjunction with your vet and Pest Control is paramount in ensuring pet health!

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